S a r a h  T a p s c o t t

C O S T U M E     A N D    S T Y L I N G

"The Carer"

Hopscotch Films,  Director: Janos Edelenyi


"Social Suicide"

Quarry Island Films, Director: Bruce Webb


"Howl"(second unit) ,

Starchild Pictures, Director: Paul Hyatt


"Ibiza Undead"

Templeheart Films, Director: Andy Edwards


"Kick" (as UK costume Buyer)

Nadiawalagrandson, Director: Sajid Nadiadiwala


"Anna Karenina" (costume alterations and dalies)

Green Twig Films, Director: Joe Wright,  producer: Tim Bevan


"Lords of London"  (UK Designer)

Omerta Films,  Director: Craig Viveiros, Producer Glen Murphy


‘Hugo Cabaret’ (as costume daily)

GK Films, Director: Martin Scorsese


“Captain America” (as costume daily)

Vita Ray Productions, Director Joe Johnson, Producer: Kevin Feige


“Catherine of Alexandria” (as costume standby)

Costume Designer: Annie Curtis Jones and Robert Worley

Redwood, Director: Michael Redwood,


“London Dreams”

Headstart films, Director/Producer: Vipul Shah


“Shoot on Sight”

Sky Global TV, Producer/Director: Jag Mundra


“Act of God”

Giant Films,  Producer: Nick o Hagan, Director: Ezna Sands


“The Sick House” (as costume supervisor)

Hopscotch Films, Producer: Charlotte Wonter Director: Curtis Radcliffe


“Provoked” (1988-1992)

Sky Global TV, Director: Jag Mundara


“Telling  Lies" 

Sky Global TV, Director: Antara Bhardwaj, Producer: Sunanda Murali



The TV Dept,   Director: Jason Rothwell


“Rulers, Dealers & Losers”

RDL Productions, Director: Stephen Jackson


“Exitz” (Wardrobe Assistant)

Inspired Movies, Director: Laurens C Postma


“Natasha” (as Costume Supervisor)

Inspired Movies, Director: Jag Mundra


London Voodoo”  (Assistant Costume Designer)

Zen Films, Director/Producer: Robert Pratten



"Deep Cuts"

Director: Darren Bransford, Producer: Paul Sangam



Director: Richard Elson, Producer: Carol A Docherty


"The Family Firm"

Director: Jim Gillespi, Producer: Carol A Docherty


"Little Crackers"

Costume Supervisor,Little Sprout


"See Hear" (1 episode)



"White Heat" (as Costume Assistant)

Costume designer: Stephanie Collie, ITV Studios


‘Dream Team X’ (series 10, 25 episodes)

Hewland International


“Origins of Art”(Prog 4)



'The Forgotton Fallen' (1900)(as Costume standby)

Hardy Pictures/ BBC Ireland


“Starhyke” (as costume supervisor)

Director: Andrew Dymond, Lightworx Media



Costume assistant

Feature Films


Commercials, Virals, Promos

Splyt Alliance                                   Stylist                                    Pinch Media


Always Ultra                                Stylist                                     Photomatic films


Naturella                                       Stylist                                    Photomatic Films


Beautiful World                        Stylist                                    RC Productions


Help to Buy                                  Assistant Stylist                Hotspur & Argyll


Littlewoods - L'Woodz             Stylist                                   Kameleon


Jamie T "Rabbiot Hole"            Stylist                                   Roger Sargent


X-Box -Ryse                                 Costume Assistant            Smuggler


Airtel                                              Stylist                                     Darkside


Nivea SA Bodymilk                   Assistant Stylist                ASD Lionheart


Nokia                                              Stylist                                    Kemistry


BT                                                      Stylist                                    Pulse Films


British Airways                           Stylist                                    Pulse Films


Christies Hospital                     Stylist                                     The TV Dept


Fitness First                                  Stylist                                   ATVA


Also Music promos for, Jamie T, Fight Star,  Sam Henshaw, Tanika,

Mohair and Keane



Captain-America-UK-Poster movies_anna_karina_poster_1

Sarah first fell in ove with costume when she studied at the National Youth Theatre in the summer of 1998. She went on to study Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art and worked on several short films before working on her first feature film in 2003. She has gone on to work on nearly thirty productions and has designed several feature films and a television series. She now lives in the London suburbs with her two children.

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