S a r a h  T a p s c o t t

C O S T U M E     A N D    S T Y L I N G

Deep Cuts

In 1993, the isolated woodland community of Freston is shocked to the core when nine year old Liam McFadden and his six year old brother George witness their father’s violent suicide. Almost twenty-one years later, Liam has become the most feared and violent man in the district. When local police fail to take action, three young men take the law into their own hands, with disastrous consequences that send new shock waves through the community... and soon everybody will be asking: ‘Where is Liam?’


Television Series

Director: Darren Bransford

Producers: Darren Bransford, Carl Mackenzie, Paul Sangam

Starring: Darren Bransford, Eva Pope, Steve Waddington, James Oliver Wheatley, Danny Young


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