S a r a h  T a p s c o t t

C O S T U M E     A N D    S T Y L I N G


Sarah Tapscott

[email protected]


"Sarah was nominated for an award (Action on Film International Film Festival, California) for her design work on 'The Hope Ruby', a part Eighteenth Century, part contemporary drama. Not only were the costumes beautiful (a number of them hand-made by Sarah herself), but she also came in under budget - a great achievement considering both the demands of the film and the size of the budget. As well as being talented, Sarah is also good at getting on with other departments on a shoot, and is no prima-dona."


Helen Andre, Director, 'The Hope Ruby'

"A total professional with a brilliant eye for detail and the ability to make any wardrobe look a million dollars"


Carol-Ann Docherty, Producer, 'The Family Firm'

"Sarah is a hugely talented, creative and skilled professional and an absolute pleasure to work with."


Dean Craig, Writer and Producer, 'Death at a Funeral'

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